Types of Dominoes


Known as tiles or pieces, dominoes are used for a variety of games. They are typically made of a rigid material such as plastic or wood. They are divided into two squares, and are marked with a pattern of pips. A game of dominoes is played by arranging the tiles in a certain way. The goal of the game is to score the most points.

A standard set of dominoes has about 28 tiles. Each tile can have one or two pips. The first player lays the tile in the middle of the table. The next player plays the tile to the right of the first, if possible. The third player plays the tile vertically. The fourth player plays the tile on the other side of the first, if possible. The player whose turn it is to play the tile must match the first tile’s ends.

Depending on the number of players, some games are played with a single hand, while others allow players to share dominoes. These games are usually played with larger sets. The most popular set of dominoes has 55 tiles. This is usually too large for most games, but is often used for games that require a variety of players.

The most popular type of domino game is the scoring game. This is played by awarding pips to the opposing player’s tiles. This is typically done by matching a tile to an open end on the other side of the table. Players alternately extend their line of play and stop when they chip out. The total number of pips on the open ends is used to calculate the winner. In this game, players are awarded one point for each pips on a tile that is divisible by five or three.

A game that is similar to dominoes is called “Inuit” or “Ojik”. This game is played with a set of bones. The game was introduced to Britain in the late 18th century by French prisoners of war. It is thought that this game may have been an imitation of the Western dominoes.

The game of dominoes originated in China. Some believe that the tiles are a descendant of the priest’s cape. The original name for the tile was “domino” and the first tile was actually a masquerade mask. The earliest recorded use of the word “domino” was in a 17th-century text. During the 16th century, the word was used to describe a mask, hood or cape. This word was later translated into the French word dominie.

The game of dominoes also came to England in the late 18th century. It appeared in the literature of the time and was brought to the British Isles by French prisoners of war. The game subsequently became a fad in France. The French produced domino puzzles and domino games in the 18th century.

The simplest domino game is the “block” game. Players draw seven tiles from a double-six set. In this game, the first player plays the most important tile, which is typically a double-six. The player next to him plays the next most important tile, which is a double-four. The third player plays the smallest tile, which is a 4-6.

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