Dr. Jocelyn Allen, D.V.M.

Dr. Jocelyn Allen-Smith graduated number 1 in her class from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.  She has a number of years experience serving as an Associate Veterinarian at 3 different Veterinary Hospitals.  She also spent 2 years serving as an Emergency Clinician in an extremely busy emergency clinic, with a high case-load of patients requiring intensive care

Dr. Allen-Smith is a skilled surgeon, experienced in treating a wide variety of medical and surgical emergencies.  She is compassionate and experienced in client counseling and she is totally committed to the well being of your pet.  In addition to her considerable experience with Dogs and Cats, Dr. Allen-Smith is well versed in all phases of Equine care including training and riding instruction.

Dr. Allen-Smith is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the state of Tennessee and is a member of a number of local, state, and national veterinary medical organizations.  Her professional interests and skills include internal medicine, surgery, emergency and critical care, physical rehabilitation, preventative medicine and client counseling.  When that doesn't keep her busy, she enjoys equestrian sports, hiking, mixed-media art and photography, biking, and most of all hanging out with her 6 dogs and two cats.



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